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#097 The Pornographic Kaleidoscope

The evolution of pornography into the digital age

Pornography and erotic art has followed the course of human existence – the tendency to create art that arouses has always been there. Pornographic content continously finds ways to adapt itself to society, from ancient examples like the Venus of Willenford (28.000-25.000 BCE), to modern social media platforms like OnlyFans. Pornography can thus be seen as a kaleidoscopic medium, which changes and adapts to the needs and changes in society.

How has pornography evolved through the years? Has the internet turned pornography into self expression? Is porn still controversial or has it been internalised into a societal norm? In the new Channel programme The Pornographic Kaleidoscope: The Evolution of Pornography into the Digital Age (link), Nickie Katrantsioti takes you deeper into these questions. 

With works by Michael Brynntrup, Sergio Messina, Jeff Crouse, Stephanie Rothenberg and Michael Schieben.

This programme was created by Nickie Katrantsioti as part of her internship in 2021

Films in this programme

All You Can Eat
Michael Brynntrup
(DE 1993, 35 mm, 5:30)
“A clever reminder that actors in porn films have faces too”. A different look at pornography, by Brynntrup, that focuses on faces...
Sergio Messina
Realcore is the term that the journalist, musician and technology researcher Sergio Messina invented for a genre in online pornography....
“Laborers of Love” (LOL)
Jeff Crouse, Stephanie Rothenberg and Michael Schieben
LOL showcases the new side of pornography and sharing of intimate moments that exploits the emergence of internet culture for self...
Marilyn Times Five
Bruce Conner
(US 1968-73, 16 mm, 13:00)
Looking at a film from the late 1960s, one can see repeating patterns in pornography. The footage comes from Apple Knockers and Coke, a...
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