Fictions and Futures
Arne Hector & Minze Tummescheit
(DE 2013, 30 mins)
Anybody can legally participate in the huge casino of the commodity futures market in the hope of making real profits from an abstract contr...
Aurélie Bayad (K28: gin$eng)
(FR 2017, 2:46 mins)
This videoclip was created for the music video eternity. The main idea of this video is to question the viewer as to what kind of rea...
The Making of Utopia
Tellervo Kalleinen & Oliver Kochla-Kalleinen
(FI/AU 2006, 60:00 mins)
Tellervo and Oliver sent an open letter to the communities in Australia inviting them to join a workshop and write a fiction film about them...
The Possibility of Utopia
Julio Soto
(ES/US 2004, 17:45 mins)
This eighteen-minute audiovisual work dynamically combines found images of once-ideal cities such as Akademgorodok, an artificial city desig...
Luxury Survival Fair
Mary Ponomareva
(RU/NL 2018, 13:28 mins)
The future is full of uncertainty, danger, and fear. At the Luxury Survival Fair, we expect ‘the end of the world’ to be fabulously glam...
Imitations of Life
Mike Hoolboom
(CA 2003, 22:04 mins)
When Mike Hoolboom himself gets hold of a camera, it's above all to film Jack, his sister's little boy, for whom he shows concerned affectio...
The Pakistani Starfleet: dOvestar Chronicles
Kenny Irwin
(US 2009, 09:03 mins)
Pakistani Starfleet Explorers is a series of artwork by Kenny Hassan Irwin who is not Pakistani by descent but he seems to be Pakistani by h...
Borja Rodriguez Alonso
(ES 2013, 04:53 mins)
The most mundane searches on Google are completed by ‘autocomplete’. It reveals not only a worldwide curiosity but primarily a wide rang...
Arya Sukapura Putra
(ID 2013, 2:08 mins)
Ruqyah is an Islamic rite of banning negative energy caused by health problems. Today, the potential of the smartphone has also seeped into ...
David Ferrando Giraut
(EE/UK 2013, 12:19 mins)
An encounter between two objects whose symbolic functions are, in fact, very closely related: an ancient Egyptian hand mirror and the iPhone...
Web 2.0 Suicide Machine
Gordan Savicic
(NL 2009, 03:34 mins)
The Web 2.0 Suicide Machine is a service that helps users tired of MySpace, LinkedIn and Twitter, to “commit suicide in social networks”...
Face to Facebook
Alessandro Ludovico & Paolo Cirio
(IT 2011, 01:20 mins, trailer)
Stealing 1 million Facebook profiles, filtering them with face-recognition software, and then, posting them on a custom-made dating website,...
Artificial Worlds V.3.0
Richard Fenwick
(UK 2006, 08:37 mins)
Artificial Worlds V.3.0 depicts a group of people running for their lives, but not from a visible discernible enemy. This monster ...
Giddy (Music Video Perera Elsewhere Ft. Gonjasufi)
Ewelina Aleksandrowicz & Andrzej Wojtas (Pussykrew)
(DE 2013, 3:50 mins)
A music video that looks like a desolate post-apocalyptic landscape and an enchanting, shining reality at the same time.
The Form of the Good
James T. Hong
(US 2005, 4:00 mins)
By combining the classical story of Plato’s cave with the contemporary images of the Iraq war this video shows that news is a reflection o...
Marco Brambilla
(US 2008, 3:22 mins)
This crazy video collage of miscellaneous footage from movies and television displays a different world that illustrates the various layers ...
Gerda Lampalzer & Manfred Oppermann
(DE 1997, 49:44 mins)
This documentary tells the story of a man in Germany who sees proof of paranormal activity in the disruption of videotapes. According to him...
S-11 Redux: (Channel) Surfing the Apocalypse
(US 2002, 10:53 mins)
The Guerrilla News Network shows their concerns about the fusion of voices between news agencies and the government during wartime. 20 hours...
Special Report
Brian Boyce
(US 1999, 3:57 mins)
Using footage from CNN and ABC news reports, Boyce possesses American news anchors with the spirits of old-time sci-fi who speak the virtues...
All People is Plastic
Harald Hund
(2005 Austria, 12:29 mins)
Everybody in the city does the same, looks the same. Remote-controlled. Living to work in a big corporation, getting one day off at the week...
Tony Hill
(UK 2015, 3:31 mins)
A spinning camera finds new perspectives on some portraits and other things. Strangely the world does not become an abstract blur but flicke...
Michael Langoth
(Austria 1991, 3:45 mins)
Back to the beginning or the race against time. In Michael Langoth’s multi-award-winning video from 1991, a normal homebound returner gets...
The Box
Richard Fenwick
(UK 2007, 9:15 mins)
A city dweller’s anonymous life suddenly becomes the subject of a mysterious televised signal. A spooky conceptual thriller that shows the...
Zeno’s Paradox
Robert Arnold
(US 2003, 5:13 mins)
An experimental digital video exploring the illusions of cinematic movement and depth as corollaries of Zeno’s paradox: There is no motion...
The Iraq Campaign
Phil Patiris
(US 1992, 18:39 Mins)
This 20 minute political remix film entitled “Iraq Campaign 91″ was created in 1991. Phil Patiris transformed network news footage, clip...
Jenin Journal
Sagi Groner
(IL 2005, 8:11 mins)

A war experienced in exile through images from the news, a correspondence with home, and interviews with fellow...

Sagi Groner
(IL 2007, 26:54 mins)
Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ is made of sampled footage from fiction films, documentaries and archive footage. It is a journey in the ...
Meditation on Violence
Sagi Groner
(IL 2005, 13:02 mins)
A narrated tour of images from the NATO bombing campaign in Kosovo 1999. A contemplation on distant representation, empathy, the art of war ...
The Ethical Governor
John Butler
(UK 2010, 8:00 mins)
Produced in the mock-serious tone of an intragovermental presentation Butler’s Ethical Governor uses black humor to skewer the ethical pro...
Air Square
Marcus J. Carney
(AT 2002, 8:16 mins)
Air Square is a hilarious and bizarre short film about a fictitious airline with some of the craziest rules you could imagine. Due to concer...
Red Finger Nailpolish
Hester Scheurwater
(NL 2003, 4:10 mins)
In slow motion and close-up, the camera travels along the hands and legs of two women. They are in a corner of a blue concrete room; one wom...
Hester Scheurwater
(NL 2001, 3:30 mins)
Two women occupy one space. Without showing their faces, the camera lingers on their bodies in images that capture both from an extreme high...
Pinochet’s Women
Eduardo Menz
(CA 2005, 11:43 Mins)
In this experimental short, the viewer is forced to role-play through the repeated employment and alteration of the text, sound and image un...
Keren Sitter
(US 2014, 14:39 mins)
An alienating scenario of love and revenge. Crimes of passion, gender inequality and webcam girls.
John Butler
(UK 2007, 3:28 mins)
John Butler is known for his animated futuristic environments. Sub-Optimal takes place in this near future where power relations in human in...
Met Simon Vinkenoog naar het New Babylon van Constant
Lies Westenburg
(NL 1962, 15:35 mins)
Accompanying Simon Vinkenoog to Constant's New Babylon is part of the VPRO series Atelierbezoek. Lies Westenburg visits Constant at his stud...
Power Up
Sverre Fredriksen
(NL 2005, 4:54 mins)
Power Up is an animated short film created with stencils, spray paint and a super-8 film camera. It presents a critical view of today’s po...
The Evil Empire
Federico Solmi
(US 2009, 4:14 mins)
The Evil Empire is the title of my latest video animation. The video animation takes place in the heart of Vatic-anal City, in the year 204...
Reckoning 3
Kent Lambert
(US 2014, 11:40 mins)
Using the visual material that Lambert collected during two years of active gaming, he explores the poetry and alienation of male stereotype...
The Modular Body
Floris Kaayk
(NL 2016, 0:41 mins, trailer)
The Modular Body is an online science fiction story about the creation of OSCAR, a living organism built from human cells. Its inventor is C...
Cable Xcess
Kristin Lucas
(US 1996, 4:35 mins)
Cable Xcess is a public service announcement/infomercial which informs viewers about the consequences of long term exposure to electromagnet...
Keiichi Matsuda
(CO 2016, 6:15 mins)
Hyper-Reality presents a provocative and kaleidoscopic new vision of the future, where physical and virtual realities have merged, and the c...
Metalosis Maligna
Floris Kaayk
(NL 2006, 7:27 mins)
Metalosis Maligna is a fictional documentary about a disease that affects patients with medical implants. Metalosis Maligna occurs when a me...
John Butler
(UK 2013, 8:19 mins)
An infomercial about the latest technological developments which can compensate for man’s inadequacy.
Hans op de Beek
(BE 2009, 10:58 mins)
In terms of content, the animated film 'Extensions' deals with cultural and subcultural rituals, science and technology as extensions of t...
Nina Yuen
(US 2014, 5:19 mins)
In Raymond, an intimate film about the relationship between the artist and her father, Yuen indirectly sketches a picture of her background,...
Pure Difference
Byron Peters
(CA 2018, 21:45 mins)
Pure Difference asks us "What is a number?" It is the debut episode in Anti-Racist Mathematics and Other Stories, a series of learning tools...
The Centrifuge Brain Project
Till Nowak
(DE 2011, 06:36 mins)
The “Centrifuge Brain Project” gives an insight on scientific experiments with amusement park rides. It is about our sometimes mislead s...
Emma Verhoeven
(NL 2018, 05:03 mins)
Nero explores the (re)construction of memories in a digital age. While a classics professor recalls the image of an ancient political figur...
Hypno Project
Doug Fishbone
(UK 2009, 12:55 mins)
This work examines how people react to stimuli under the influence of hypnosis. I was interested to see how an audience would respond to one...
Secret Machine
Reynold Reynolds
(DE 2009, 10:36 mins)
In Secret Machine a woman is subjected to Muybridge’s motion studies. She is treated in the same fashion as in the original Muybridge phot...
Lin + Lam
(US 2004, 49:54 mins)
Experimental artistic documentary visualising urban transportation in several Asian metropoles, while narrating the history of industrialisa...
Hoog Catharijne
Henk Gomersbach
(NL 1968, 09:15 mins)
Commercial impression of the realisation of the mall around Utrecht Central Station to be built as the epitome of Dutch post-war urban utopi...
Hong Kong
Gerard Holthuis
(NL 1999, 18:21 mins)
Landing planes flying eerily low above Hong Kong’s highrises, filmed from street level, creating a visceral experience of scale.
Dietmar Offenhuber
(US 2001, 09:45 mins)
Kaleidoscopic portrait of view on and from the car, morphing into road and highway structures, visualising the car as the basis of scale per...
Interior New York Subway
Billy Bitzer
(US 1905, 05:38 mins)
The camera follows the chart of the New York metro through the dark tunnels, while the visual noise gives a psychedelic effect, as if the ch...
Gunilla Heilborn & Mårten Nilsson
(SE 2015, 12:22 mins)
Portrait of a small group of people tricked and trapped into a cult-like survivalist life in the Scandinavian woods.
Alex Herzog & Bernd Wuertz
(DE 2006, 04:55 mins)
Audiovisual poem of the forest and its almost timeless existence through the seasons, day and night, birth and decay.
Invisible Cities
Julio Soto
(US 2002, 07:40 mins)
Post-apocalyptic audiovisual reflection on the city as the embodiment of civilisation on the level of both the personal human experience and...
Cobra Mist
Emily Richardson
(UK 2008, 06:54 mins)
Immersive portrait of a deserted landscape marked by industrial, military ruins, that gives a very vivid experience of a post-apocalyptic re...
Operation Jane Walk
Leonhard Müllner & Robin Klengel
(AT 2018, 16:14)
Armed City Tour in post-apocalyptic New York, where the destruction of long distance traffic has created surreal open infrastructure studded...
Ciclovia: Bogotá, Colombia
(CO 2007, 09:41 mins)
Started in Bogotá, Colombia, as early as 1974, a municipal initiative to temporarily close roads for cars to make space for bicyclists and ...
The Catalogue
Chris Oakley
(UK 2004, 05:41 mins)
In The Catalogue Chris Oakley presents the scenario of a perfect world of consumption, where a video surveillance system films the interior ...
We Could Have Helped
Cecilia Lundqvist
(SE, 2008, 1:57 mins)
We Could Have Helped is an animated video. Three men in costumes represent rich men with power and possession. People who actually have the ...
Parallel Paradises: Ecuador
Manuel Saiz
(EC 2007, 8:00 min)
The interaction between the lama, who belongs to the land of moors, with the supermarket is perturbing. She wanders lost in the codified lan...
Future Past Perfect Pt. 3
Carsten Nicolai
(DE 2009, 3:43 mins)
On a quiet autumn evening in Tokyo, a man is trying to get a small bottle of tea from a machine, but instead he is treated to a small perfor...
Stimulate Surprise
Dan Rees
(UK 2016, 07:04 mins)
Stimulate Surprise is a rebranding of a laver bread product by a New York advertising agency, Sid Lee. The product named “Bafa Lafwr” (l...
The Badass Women Photojournalists of Kashmir
The Quint
(IN 2019, 4:10 mins)
“The story doesn’t end after conflict or killing. The story starts after that.” A female perspective on the Kashmiri conflict.
Dismantling the Simulation
Miyö van Stenis
(VE 2014, 03:49 mins)
Dismantling the Simulation is an initiative of participatory visual activism. It was born as an experimental Facebook group La Meta es Desmo...
For Cultural Purposes Only
Sarah Wood
(UK 2009, 8:29 mins)
“When you say to someone “you’re history” it doesn’t mean that you’re a part of it; it means that you’re obliterated. That’s...
Great Balls of Fire
Leon Grodski
(US 2001, 6:33 mins)
Jimmy, homeless in NYC on 911 commenting on the attack on the World Trade Centre (WTC). Calls the WTC the “Towers of Babylon”, states th...
What Barry Says
Simon Robson
(UK 2003, 2:58 mins)
Robson addresses the US and ‘War on Terror’ directly, as well as the military industrial complex which upholds it/necessitates it.
Once you’ve shot the gun you can’t stop the bullet
Jayce Salloum
(CA 1988, 7:37 mins)
Shot between multiple locations including Vancouver, Beirut, Lebanon, Las Vegas (and many more), this work takes footage from each location,...
Enduring Freedom: The Opening Chapter
Klaus Obermeyer
(US 2005, 5:03 mins)
“In the year since the attacks of September 11, more than 80,000 men and women serving as Marines and Sailors have deployed outside the Un...
Every (Movie, Sound, Image, Text) On My Cell Phone
Darrin Martin
(US 2009, 8:00 mins)
Darrin Martin combine all the personal texts, images, voicemail, and videos from his phone and creates a film. In a modern age where all the...
Time Travel Boyfriends
Josephine Halbert
(UK 2009, 10:09 mins)
Halbert creates a love letter to the historical men that she admires the most and imagines a romantic relationship with all of them. From Or...
What I’m Looking For
Shelly Silver
(US 2004, 2:14 mins, excerpt)
Online dating and revealing intimacies to strangers is the main theme of this film. The act of photographing strangers in the street gives a...
Rocco Never Dies
Federico Solmi
(US 2005, 3:53 mins, trailer)
The glorification of loveless sex and porn as a modern way of love is what this tribute to popular porn star Rocco Sifredi is about. In Solm...
Murder & UFOs
Brian MacDonald
(CA 2005, 20:18 mins)
What if Marilyn Monroe actually did not die? One of the most tragically public love stories in the recent past takes a different turn in thi...
Ghosts with Shit Jobs
Chris McCawley, Jim Morrison, Jim Munroe, Tate Young
(US 2012, 2:29 mins, trailer)
In 2040, a generation of Torontonians have grown up after the economic collapse of the west. The movie consists of episodes of a documentary...
Tim Shore
(UK 2006, 18:16 mins)
In Cabinet, Tim Shore pursues a disturbing message through the spaces of the American landscape. An associative framework of found footage, ...
The Stroker
Pilvi Takala
(UK 2018, 15:16 mins)
The film shows how people negotiate the dilemma of being mediated bodies under social pressure, and how such responses are controlled by the...
Power Play
Cecilia Lundqvist
(SE 2004, 10:52 mins)
Power Play is an animated video, consisting of ten different scenes in which two men compete in emphasizing their manhood, using different a...
Work in Progress
Brent Coughenour
(US 2011, 13:17 mins)
There’s something unnerving about a robot that resembles a human. Instead of listening to that fear we should instead focus on the ways w...
City of Work: Module 2
Michael Lewy
(US 2013, 6:48 mins)
Part of a project by the artist, illustrating the dystopian society where work is all encompassing, vacation is chosen by lottery and each i...
Polis X
Erkka Nissinen
(FI 2012, 13:40 mins)
Pig Shit Tit Ass Sailor is just one of Polis's residents who, like politicians, porn actors and stray tourists, encounter an unhealthy amoun...
Look Alike #23: Robert de Niro
Taryn Fitzgerald
(US 2001, 2:24 mins)
Look-alikes 2001-2002 is a series of short video portraits that explore the psyche of ordinary people who think they look or are often mista...
Marius Dybwad Brandrud
(SE 2010, 11:00 mins)
“It took us 7 years. My mother and me. We were trying to make the perfect photo of me.”
My Aunt Superstar
Igor Sevcuk
(NL 2002. 2:14 mins)
Sevcuk depicts his aunt’s mundane life through the lens of a superstar persona. The visual adult life, partaking in various activities. It...
I Am a Boyband
Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay
(CA 2002, 5:00 mins)
The language of love songs and representations of pop masculinity are explored as the artist performs all four parts of a boyband singing an...
Crazy Girls
Jesper Nordahl
(LV 2001, 8:25)
The crazy girls dance through neglected streets singing songs everyone is familiar with. Oblivious to their surroundings, they try to concen...
Looking for Alfred
Johan Grimonprez
(BE/UK 2005, 10:04 mins)
Obsessed with de/reconstructing our corrupted visions of media, celebrity and appearance, Johan Grimonprez assembled a bewildering gaggle of...
American Reflexxx
(US 2013, 14:02 MINS)
American Reflexxx is a short film documenting a social experiment that took place in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Director Alli Coates capt...
(NL 2018, 1:26 mins, trailer)
Realising many people still don’t know how often and in whatever context catcalling happens, Noa started her project #dearcatcallers. She ...