Artificial Worlds V.3.0

Richard Fenwick (UK 2006, 08:37 mins)
Artificial Worlds V.3.0 depicts a group of people running for their lives, but not from a visible discernible enemy. This monster is fast, destructive and cruel: but does it have consciousness? As each runner is consumed by a digital interface, each body is fractured and detonated, right up until the final act of human defiance. The film asks to what extent this lifelike technology that surrounds us is taking us over. Despite its somewhat techno-dystopian feel, Artificial Worlds V.3.0 is a testimony to the power of new technology to change the future of the North East. Fenwick worked alongside local artist, Marcus O’Keefe, and many talented individuals from Middlesbrough’s Digital City project, to create a film of immense power.
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