Written by Zemira Alajbegovic and directed by Neven Korda, Avtobus discloses two images of the electronic picture: the one that creates reality, and the one that creates artifact. The video starts with a graphic sign from which images emerge, and this procedure aims to discuss the fact that any documentary is but an artifact. The narrator searches through documents and reconstructs the life of Lela: in the Middle Age she was accused of witchcraft, in the 20th century she finds herself in the midst of war, in the future she will leave the planet. Lela’s individual destiny is being inscribed into the fate of humanity by means of layering the image, only television shots of the war in former Yugoslavia are presented in one layer: the television image has become the only document, the war – the only certainty. BIO: Zemira Alajbegovic and Neven Korda both graduated from the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana, Slovenia. In the 1980s they were part of the independent theater group FV 112/115, from which the subcultural FV Disco club emerged. This was where and when they started to work in video, while later on they got involved also in music and established the independent music and video production FV Label. In 1998 they set up the institute for artistic and cultural production ZANK. Their works have been screened at national and international film/video festivals and TV channels and received numerous awards.
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