Chillida (Forms and Feelings)

Falke Pisano (The Netherlands 2006, 13:40 mins)
In Chillida (Forms and Feelings) the artist reacts to a series of sculptures by Eduardo Chillida taken by David Finn. The ostensible subject matter is a pretense for Pisano to explore the difficulties of extricating aesthetic sensations from memories, critical insights, and consciousness itself. What begins as an attempt establish relationships between certain specific objects, their representations, and the experience of the photographer and his daughter becomes an abstract meditation on the impossibility of, in the artist's own words, "reflecting without reflecting on reflection" and the interconnectedness of self-consciousness and aesthetic judgement. BIO: Falke Pisano (Amsterdam) lives and works in Berlin. Her diagrammatic works expose a loop, in which shifting abstract sculptural forms are conceived directly in relation to written and spoken language, implying an ongoing and morphing production of meaning. In the publication ‘’Figures of Speech’’ (designed and co-edited by Will Holder, published by JRP-Ringier, Christoph Keller Editions, 2010) Pisano brought together her work focusing on the act of speech in relation to different forms of agency in artistic production. The artist second cycle of works (2011-) “The Body in Crisis” consists of a series of propositions and inquiries that look at the body in crisis as an ongoing event.
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