Kelman Duran and Hyesung Moon (U.S 2012, 19:06 mins)
Even when removed from civilisation, man cannot escape capitalism’s structures. A portrait of a difficult position outside society. BIO: Kelman Duran was born in the Dominican Republic (1984) and raised in Washington Heights, NY. His work is informed by counter-histories that deal with power and political exclusion. He uses video, photography, and installation. His work has shown in different contexts in Berlin; Buenos Aires; Santiago; Los Angeles; New York; Canton, Ohio; the VIENNALE in Vienna; SPLIT Film Festival in Croatia; Zinebi in Bilbao; and at the Sensory Ethnography Lab at Harvard University in Cambridge. He received his MFA from California Institute of the Arts, and is currently the Resident Curator at OTRAS OBRAS, an art space in Tijuana, Mexico.
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