Dismantling the Simulation

Miyö van Stenis (VE 2014, 03:49 mins)
Dismantling the Simulation is an initiative of participatory visual activism. It was born as an experimental Facebook group La Meta es Desmontar la Simulacion, and Tumblr Gallery a few days after diverse violations of Human Rights occurred at the student protests against Nicolas Maduro in February 2014. Appropriating the already existing social platform, deconstructing the overwhelming reality, assuming a critical posture towards institutionalized media content. Its structure operates rhizomatically, with no controls or hierarchies involved in the decision making by the members of the group. It is a collective action that seeks to question and dismantle the different discourses, events and the information distribution schemes operating in Venezuela. Dismantling the Simulation is now a digital guerrilla movement and an online gallery. Our gallery collection is a visual document of our recent history told in digital pop language. The movement is an artistic political action that tries to address the following questions: How is life for Venezuelans beyond propaganda? What does it mean to be a Venezuelan when your identity has been intervened by a political agenda? How does Post-Chavez Venezuela look like?
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