Pleix (FR 2003, 3:00 min)

E-Baby is a 3-D generated animated film that tells the fictional story of a futuristic baby monitored through the web and electronic caretaking devices. PLEIX states that “E-Baby is a deceptive contemplation on technology and nurture. A baby lives, breathes and grows inside a computer-controlled incubator. The ‘mother’s’ only contact with the baby is via black rubber-gloved robotic hands. A glitch in the system causes the fallible automatic foster system to break down.” While watching E-baby the viewer witnesses the internal cyborg anatomy of the artificial baby and how the computer systems take care of the child. PLEIX has created a hypothetical design for the child of the future, although it may look quite disturbing and bleak to most viewers. This implies a technopanic: we wish children to leave untouched by technology, but at the same time children are put in social media ‘incubators’ by themselves, or by their parents.

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