Erdős–Bacon number

Jessica Tsang (Great Britain 2012, 13:42 mins)
Let’s explain: a Bacon number indicates the amount of film roles that seperate an actor from Kevin Bacon. Science has the very similar Erdős number: the number of papers that seperate someone from mathematician Paul Erdős. People with an Erdős-Bacon number are members of an obscure global elite. BIO: Jessica  Tsang is currently making video installations that function as distorted mirrors using performativity as a way of the real. Like sideshow oddities, they combine an anthropological interest in the extraneous biographies of her subjects and their ability to perform these. Their formal curiosity is not just for entertainment value but rather is a route into content as diverse as the pitfalls of fame. Eastenders, James Bond, transatlantic relationships, YouTube, plankton blooms and submarines
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