The video „line“ shows a high-resolution digital camera reaching its limits: A black-clothed person paints a black line on a wall. As a result of lighting conditions the camera cannot differentiate between the black of the person and the black background. The person seems to disappear in front of the camera. In times when we are observed every minute by cameras “line” seems to be a humorous way to escape surveillance or to deal with the huge amount of images we perceive every day. The video „line“ can be seen as one of various kinds to comprehend the ways of perception. BIO: Born in Minden / Westfalen. Studied fine arts at the Art Academy Münster (Paul Isenrath, Andreas Köpnick and Peter Schumbrutzki) and as as a guest student at the Academy of Fine Arts Hamburg | Gerd Roscher and Wim Wenders. Attended postgraduate Ppogramme at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. Lives and works in Cologne.