Luxury Survival Fair

Mary Ponomareva (RU/NL 2018, 13:28 mins)
The future is full of uncertainty, danger, and fear. At the Luxury Survival Fair, we expect ‘the end of the world’ to be fabulously glamorous! Get ready for the new millennium with high-end private security systems, state-of-the-art predator drones, luxurious survival condos and encrusted gas masks from Raphael Universal, the world’s provider of future-proof must-haves. Luxury Survival Fair project focuses on speculations about survival after a potential life threatening event. The VR installation immerses the viewers into a hyperreal future scenario crossing through lines of post-apocalyptic science-fiction.Viewer is confronted with ethical dilemmas while welcomed to explore luxury editions of survival and security products to experience the ‘end-of-the world’ in spectacular style.
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