Mandarin tells the story of a farmer in Friesland, who desperately wants a girl after the birth of his eight sons. At the same time, the piece shows a Chinese bachelor, who is looking for a girl to marry and who is imagining his life with her. The film is showing these men, who are talking during the whole movie about two persons – the daughter and the wife- who do not even exist. They are changing their own personality and acting, because of those imaginary persons. This film is asking questions about the archetypes in this world in which we see not only other people but also ourselves. Is it an investigation into desire and the sincerity of it. At the same time this film is an interesting research into installation, documentary and fiction film. The shape of the piece is a multiple screen installation which is responsible for a nice choreography between the three screens. It is using documentary based technics, but is considered a fiction movie. This is a way of discovering the twilight zone between those three genres and is her way of breaking the borders of classic media. BIO: Sarah Bijlsma is born in 1989 Nijmegen, The Netherlands. She graduated from the ArtEZ Arnhem Academy of Arts and Design in 2011. Her work has been shown in  the Reykjavik International Film Festival, Iceland and Festival Miden in Kalamata, Greece.
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