Metamorphosis deals with issues of cinematic off time, but here time becomes specific, as we see a suspended time of social history. Langan’s work investigates an empty cityscape whose streets are eerily absent of its inhabitants. The storm leads us into snow filled interiors, with only flashes of its former inhabitants to suggest a human presence, but not leading to any definitive conclusions as to their fate. The hybridity of Clare Langan’s practice can be see with film references that are both historically arresting and diverse, from early black and white glass plate photography to Japanese ink drawings of the 15th Century. The soundtrack comprises an original score by the composer, Jurgen Simpson. BIO: Fulbright scholar and cinematographer, Clare Langan is one of Ireland’s most celebrated artists. With previous experience working in the world of commercial big-budget films such as Braveheart, Some Mother’s Son and The Boxer, she refrains from elaborate manipulation of images in post-production relying instead on the inherent sensuality of film. Her much acclaimed A Film Trilogy – Forty Below, Too Dark for Night and Glass Hour was presented at numerous important venues and biennales worldwide, most notably at MoMA in New York as part of its Mediascope Program, 2003, Tate Liverpool, 2002, the Irish Museum of Modern Art 2002, and the Metropolitan Museum of Photography in Tokyo, 2003. She represented Ireland in the 25th Bienal de Sao Paulo, 2002.
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