Tscherkassky’s is a different approach to remixing footage. His is reworking his material in a way that it aids his storytelling and gives a different ambiance to his film. Outer Space is essentially a horror story. A woman is attacked in her dark house by creatures form outer space. The way it is filmed it almost seems that it represents the visceral reaction of the main character towards her attackers . However, it also elicits a strong reaction from the viewers. The film is an invasion that impacts the fabric of the film itself. BIO: Born in 1958 in Vienna, Peter Tscherkassky is an avant-garde filmmaker who works exclusively with found footage. He started to make films in 1979, and since then his work has run an exciting course - from the anarchic gesture of Super-8 filmmaking through an engagement with psychoanalysis and semiotics towards a newly found pleasure with the physicality of the medium and its potential to overwhelm the audience. He co-founded the Austria Filmmakers Cooperative and created a number of film festivals, including The Light of Periphery - Austrian Avant-Garde Film 1957 -1988 (1988), Im Off der Geschichte (1990), Found Footage - Filme aus gefundene material (1991) and Unknown Territories - The Amercan Independent Film (1992). Tscherkassky's films have played a central role in the re-awaking of avant-garde film.
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