Quaranteener Manifesto

Lydia Moyer (2020, 04:09)
A rogue transmission from deep in the mountains of the USA. A distant observation of the great crowds tossed about by unemployment, grown-out roots and calculated uprisings organized by absent billionaires; the overwhelmed hospitals full of the dying and lonely; the parents exhausted by their children; the mono-colored and monophonic call to re-open in modern capitals; the digital divide, the server farms humming with the carbon heat of our searches; the public busses and trains carrying workers toward contagion; the farmers culling their pigs; the athletes playing for themselves; the metaphorical boats docked in harbor; the clear skies of cities usually bleary with smog; the still streets roamed by wild animals; and the re-enchantment of all that thrives outside human cultivation. Text based on the Futurist Manifesto by F.T. Marinetti from 1909.
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