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Parents and sisters or brothers have fun scaring their little ones. Those are filmed when resolving a puzzle in concentration and not thinking of any danger. After the scare some laugh but most of them cry. One chapter hence has been apprehended: Never trust your parents. Scary Maze shows a collection of high-res web video material in a puzzle which links personal and private internet findings into the framework of collective experience. The film discovers the synchronicity of seemingly unique webcam videos which are available online. These so called ‘Mem’ (pieces of cultural transmission or imitation) create evolutionary internet DNA. It was not edited and forces the viewer to accept its perspective. (…) The webcam-portraits are analysed on a micro- and on a macro level: how many pixels are neccessary to visually express an emotion? How many individuals are needed to create a collective experience, a ‘Mem’?

BIO: Camille Verbunt was born 1968 in The Netherlands and has worked as a multimedial artist since 1993. After his studies in video-design at the St. Joost Art School he produced many short films, documentaries, plays, photoworks, paintings, embroideries, web-applications and in 2009 his first book. Verbunt’s work is always centered around ‘faceting’: deconstructing a total image or object into a determined amount of basic elements. In the public space – as the internet is – there’s also the clash of public and private space, in which the player determines how much or little is shown.

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