Seeing Bush Through Trees

Jan van Nuenen (The Netherlands 2002, 02:01 mins)
Logos of notorious multinationals are creating a distorted portrait of the even more notorious G. W. Bush. Bio: After his education at the art academy St. Joost in Breda, audio-visual design, (1997-2002) Jan van Nuenen has been working on short, experimental animation films and video-installations (2002-2007). Those films are mainly collages of found-footage video and photographical material or samples, cut up, combined and edited with the computer and different types of animation software. The films are characterized by a complex combined action of loops, repetitions and rhythm, by which sound plays an important role. The videos have been shown on different international film, video and art festivals. Next to the Netherlands Media Art Institute Jan is represented by Mothership ( He also made some short animations for the VPRO television series ‘Wonderland’ (2004), ‘Dokwerk’ (2006) en ‘De toekomst’ (2006). His tools are digital editing and manipulation software like after effects, photoshop, premiere, particle illusion, ableton live and flstudio. He also makes electronic music.
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