Sky’s The Limit

The Notorious B.I.G. (USA 2000, 4:50 min)

One of the dominant ideas in pop music is the importance of being young and staying young. This is no cause of wonder, since the music industry focuses mainly on the young. The need to define and form their place in society dominates the lives of this target group. Pop music and all it implies is the most important instrument they have during this quest for identity. This music video concentrates on the expectations and demands our society imposes on young people. We see children dressed up as rich, popular hip hop artists attending parties. Young girls are accordingly dancing in bikinis around the pool. They show off their seemingly luxurious lifestyle like grownups often do in hip hop music videos, posing like stars and models. Are they too sexy, too soon? Are they the victim of corporate targeting, do music videos and other contemporary media corrupt their innocence? Or is the music video just meant to be funny?

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