Suchy Pion (Poland 2012, 12:14 mins.)
In this short film Bakowski develops an architectural metaphor to literalize the way a film can construct emotional states by piecing together certain images and associations. What it would be like to literally build structures out of images that captured a certain way of being or a sensation? Despite or perhaps because of the obvious impossibility of Bakowski' project, his short video nonetheless reveals certain allegorical truths about the empathetic capabilities of the cinematic apparatus. BIO: Born 1979 in Poznań, Wojciech Bąkowski is a director of animated films and videos, a visual artist, poet, musician, and creator of audio performances and alternative music. He is also known by the stage name WuEsBe. The world depicted in his films shows reality as perceived through the eyes of the audience - muddled, spoken in colloquialisms and barely intelligible. Bąkowski, perhaps the most prolific and visible member of Poznań’s vibrant art and music community, weaves together video, audio performance and sound-based installation. His films are shown at galleries, museum exhibitions and animated film festivals, and are included in anthologies. His musical events are at times treated as audio performances, at others as concerts. The artist is affiliated with the Leto Gallery in Warsaw, and his work has been displayed at individual and collective exhibitions in Poland and Europe. He exhibited at the Gare Saint Sauveur at the Lille 3000 Festival in France, the Kunstverein in Freiburg, and the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts in Norwich. At New York City's New Museum, he participated in Younger Than Jesus, the biennial showing of young art.
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