Oliver Ressler & Zanny Begg (AUSTRIA 2012, 24:00 MINS)
The economic crisis and the collapsed banking system, but now for a change very clearly explained by a sceptical economist, in a bar. BIO: Oliver Ressler is an artist and filmmaker who produces installations, projects in the public space, and films on issues such as economics, democracy, global warming, forms of resistance and social alternatives. Over the years, he collaborated with the artists Zanny Begg (Sydney), Ines Doujak (Vienna), Martin Krenn (Vienna), Carlos Motta (New York), Gregory Sholette (New York), David Thorne (Los Angeles) and the political scientist Dario Azzellini (Caracas/Berlin). Zanny Begg is a Sydney based artist whose work focuses on political activism and community. Her work uses humour, understated drawings and found cultural artifacts to explore ways in which we can live and be in the world differently. Her work is often collaborative inviting engagement with key themes such as resilience, financial disobedience and unthinking borders. Zanny has an experimental and research driven practice that works across film, performance, installation, activism and drawing.
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