The Prediction Machine

Marleine van der Werf (NL 2018, 15:11)

De Lange leads the ‘Predictive Brain Lab’ at Radboud University and his research focuses on how the predictions we continually make and prior knowledge influence our ­visual perception and decision making. The film helps explain such research and its implications, but also finds a link between form and content. Van der Werf adjusts ­elements of the visual experience of the film, to match with the concepts explained, about how what we see is quite limited, but our brains help construct a ­stable-seeming ­‘reality’ based on what we expect of it. 

The film brings out the role that our memory plays when it comes to shaping our vision of the world. The premise of this project is that our brain is constantly creating predictions that help us see, define and act out in the world, thus in many ways influencing our perception, much like during embodiment with digital technologies. 

In the case of this documentary style project,digital technologies are being used to make deeper analyses of eye movements called ‘eye tracking’ in order to effectively claim that the brain does indeed make a prediction before we turn our eyes towards something that it believes is important and an interesting point for sampling information. This prediction is crucial since it influences information in our brain to match what the eye initially thought there might be.


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