Robertina Šebjanič

Sound work: Talks with Grey Heron

Over and underwater sound sketches of the Ljubljanica river.
Recorded between 15 March – 30 April 2020.
Location between 46°02’44.7″N 14°30’19.9″E and 46°02’20.8″N 14°30’40.6″E

The planes, the trains, the ships have stopped. For the time being, COVID-19 has suspended this unbearable noise of ours. The Gray Heron is  fishing every day on the river bank.  Many times, we sit together. Both peering into the river. I – with my hydrophone immersed under the surface of the water and the heron keeping a sharp eye on the fish. When the fog concealing the future will have lifted, I hope we will be able to keep an open and attentive ear to what the animals we coexist with have to say. The heron and I – we think about the pangolin finally able to walk in its natural environment without having to worry about ending up on someone’s plate.


Artist: Robertina Šebjanič
Released May 2, 2020
Sound work Talks with Grey Heron commissioned by Cona Zavod Ljubljana
First streaming: REVEIL / SoundCamp 2020 for project Acoustic Commons


2 book recommendations by Robertina:


Matters of Care
Speculative Ethics in More Than Human Worlds
2017 • Author: María Puig de la Bellacasa
Matters of Care presents a powerful challenge to conventional notions of care, exploring its significance as an ethical and political obligation for thinking in the more than human worlds of technoscience and nature-cultures. A singular contribution to an emerging interdisciplinary debate, it expands agency beyond the human to ask how our understandings of care must shift if we broaden the world.

The book Matters of Care I had been reading in the time when the Covid-19 started to take over my daily routines. The Matters of Care deals a lot with the relationship between humans and non-humans, and it helped me personally also to reflect my position / questions about our (human) ability to address challenges of the time of Anthropocene.
Matters of Care is really good engaging book, that catalyzes the human knowledge in understanding of the interaction with other forms of life. It was really interesting to read about the ecological ethics in a world under crisis in the moment when world did slow down because of health crisis. María Puig de la Bellacasa illuminates the silent voices that should be heard. The “thinking with care” would be needed to expand our perception of world, where empathy and solidarity would be the main values for human – nonhuman coexistence.


What Would Animals Say if we Asked the Right Questions?
2016 • Author: Vinciane Despret
Translated by Brett Buchanan
Foreword by Bruno Latour

A provocative challenge to the marginalization of “humanlike” aspects of animal life. Vinciane Despret argues that behaviors we identify as separating humans from animals do not actually properly belong to humans. Combining serious scholarship with humor, this book poses twenty-six questions that stretch our preconceived ideas about what animals do, what they think about, and what they want.

Robertina’s work in the A World Without Us exhibition from 2018

A picture of the artist made during quarantine.

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