Sabah ElHadid


Fantasy vs Reality is an archive and a study that preserves a time frame from the beginning of Covid19 pandemic that highlights the contrast between memes and news by investigating, unveiling the relations, patterns, and different angles of the contemporary behaviour, beliefs, traditions, culture daily life struggles and adaptations.

The study questions in which days memes amplified throughout those ten months, and what was the focal point factor/hot topic of discussion, which day of the week had the most posts and how did the focus gradually shift from reality to fantasy.


مواجهة الواقع بالخيال هو أرشيف ودراسة بدأت مع جائحة كوفيد ١٩ وتسلط الضوء على التناقض بين الميمات والأخبار من خلال التحقيق وكشف النقاب عن العلاقات والأنماط والزوايا المختلفة للسلوك المعاصر والمعتقدات والتقاليد ، ثقافة الحياة اليومية والصراعات والتكيفات.

 تبحث الدراسة في الأيام التي تدفقت فيها الميمات خلال تلك الأشهر العشرة ، وما هو العامل المحوري أو موضوع المناقشة، وأي يوم من أيام الأسبوع به أكبر عدد من المشاركات وكيف تحول التركيز تدريجياً من الواقع إلى الخيال.

Sabah Elhadid holds a Bachelor degree in Graphic Design, Faculty of Applied Sciences and Arts from German University in Cairo, where she currently works as a TA.

El Hadid’s interest lies in information design, print and editorials. While she worked independently, she gathered a lot of raw data and kept questioning their validity and the room for errors in her information. The idea of errors evolved into viruses as they form error in the human body and their impact on society. As the events of 2020 unfolded, Sabah found rich material for her project.

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