A web-project about new forms of online investigative journalism

OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) is an IMPAKT web-project that highlights and presents the work of organisations engaged in online investigative journalism and open-source intelligence. In a time of eye-catching headlines for short attention spans – produced by fast-paced mainstream and internet media outlets – it’s getting increasingly difficult to distinguish information and disinformation. Groups like Bellingcat, Forensic Architecture and Follow the Money act as a counterweight to this phenomenon. They are dedicated to thorough, long-term investigation, carrying out in-depth research to get to the core of controversial issues.

Investigative journalism speaks truth to power and offers transparency and clarity in a complex information landscape. Tackling subjects such as political conflicts, crime, human rights abuses, military-civilian casualty figures and fraudulent money trails, these investigative organisations uncover and share information about wrongdoings worldwide. They employ new digital technologies and techniques – such as 3D modelling, satellite imagery, crowdsourcing and geolocation – to gather and present data-driven evidence. To connect the dots. To strive for social justice for people around the world who have fallen victim to corrupt governments and organisations.

The OSINT platform brings together journalists, activists, NGOs and researchers interested in observing and conducting new forms of online investigative journalism. The speakers discuss essential questions related to their methods, tools, approaches and ethical decisions, as well as the forms of organisation, presentation and collaboration used in this field. OSINT offers a cohesive overview of the leading players, contributing to dialogue and sharing information and resources with professionals and the public.

OSINT features interviews with Bellingcat, Forensic Architecture, Airwars, the Centre for Investigative Journalism and Follow the Money in which they talk about their perspectives and practices. The OSINT web-project will be launched on 26 August with an online event with Eyal Weizman from Forensic Architecture. 

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OSINT is made possible by the generous support of the City of Utrecht, the Creative Industries Fund NL and the Democracy and Media Foundation. Web-project design by HOAX.