We Are Data

Webproject by IMPAKT x Cairotronica

Data is the new gold of our technology-driven world. How does that manifest itself? How and why do we use new technologies? During the Cairotronica Festival 2021 (26 April – 1 May), IMPAKT and Cairotronica proudly presented the new webproject We Are Data: the result of the collaboration between Cairotronica in Egypt and IMPAKT in Utrecht, the Netherlands, that started in 2019.

We Are Data focuses on the complexities of with data and technology – and how to deal with them. The project brought together artists from Egypt and the Netherlands for a seven-months fellowship. During this period, Cairotronica and IMPAKT organised talks, presentations, interviews, exhibitions, screenings and a series of workshops for the artists. During the workshops the artists received training and mentorship to develop their projects. In the webproject We Are Data, we present all the projects by the Egyptian artists.

And there is more to come! Also watch exclusive talks by international experts in the fields of arts, social sciences and technology, to discuss with us the pressing issues related to data.  Speakers include: Evgeny Morozov, Miriam Rasch, Rosa Wevers, Alya Alqarini & Sara Khalid, Areej Mawasi, Morehshin Allahyari and Nagla Rizk.

We Are Data was a partnership between Cairotronica and IMPAKT [Centre for Media Culture] with the support of the Creative Industries Fund NL and the Arab Studies Institute (ASI). The project was curated by Ghalia Elsrakbi (Cairotronica) and Arjon Dunnewind (IMPAKT). Egyptian Artists involved in the 7-month long fellowship programme were Imane Ibrahim, Sabah Elhadid, Ahmed Soleman, Shadwa Ali, Mona Makhlouf and Ahmed Aiuby. Mentors: Sabrina Verhage, Coralie Vogelaar and Jeroen van Loon.

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