CODE 2024 Open call

Reclaiming Digital Agency


Open call for artists and non-artists to join a co-creation project on digital rights! Are you an artist, designer, researcher, software designer or developer? Or are you working in marketing, law, technology, policymaking or politics? Are you interested in human rights and equality? Are you open to working on collaborative projects that can speak to the imagination of a wider audience and inspire them to think about their digital agency? Regardless of what you do, if you are concerned about our digital rights and the lack of agency over the platforms and devices we use, we are looking for you!

CODE 2024 programme
In February and March, we will start with online meetings in which participants can get to know the CODE project, the coaches and each other. We will discuss shared interests, topics and themes.
The co-creation part of CODE 2024 will start in April 2024, with the hackathon weekend in the Netherlands as the in-person kick-off. After that the co-creation process with more in-person and online meetings will continue till June. In July and August groups can continue working on their project, taking in account absences because of holidays.
Important to keep in mind already is:
  • The stipend we can pay is 200€ per participant. You will receive this on completion of the project. For production we have an extra of 200€ per group on average as working budget. The exact budget will be determined on the bases of your plan and the expenses required.”

What is CODE about? 

We want to make sure the general audience, politicians and policymakers are aware of the digital challenges of our time. We want big tech companies to be regulated, curb their power, and protect our digital rights. What role should governments play, and how can we make them understand the urgency to act? What can we as concerned citizens, researchers, and artists do to support this process?

With this open call we invite creatives, professional and non-professional artists and concerned citizens living in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany to embark with us on a six-month journey of dialogue, critical discussion and co-creation about digital rights. Between January and June 2024 you will work with other participants on group artworks to be presented at international festivals and events. 

CODE was initiated in 2021 as a response to growing concerns that we are losing agency over the digital tools and platforms we use on a daily basis. We believe in the need for better laws and legislation that will protect us as digital citizens and consumers. By creating creative and artistic interventions, our aim is to influence public policy on a national and international level and to create awareness for issues at hand. We want to inspire and facilitate cross-disciplinary collaborations, which have the potential to catalyze system change. CODE 2024 will be the fourth edition. In the past three editions we supported almost 80 artists and non-artists to work together and create projects. We also brought together national and European politicians and experts in interviews, panels and presentations, and we presented our projects at international events including Ars Electronica, transmediale, Dutch Design Week, MozFest House, Public Spaces Conference, re:publica, Dutch Media Week and the Computers, Privacy and Data Protection (CPDP) conference. The projects produced, the talks and the many interviews we had with politicians, policy-makers and activists can be found at 

CODE 2024 is an international programme organized by IMPAKT [Centre for Media Culture] in Utrecht and Werktank, production platform for media art in Leuven in collaboration with international partners like Privacy Salon and the CPDP (Computers, Privacy and Data Protection conference).

We are happy to invite participants to join us for an exciting collaborative series of CODE events throughout 2024!


What will you be doing?
Selected participants will work closely together in a co-creation process. Throughout the programme, we invite established artists and experts to provide inspiration and feedback. CODE consists of a series of online and onsite events, including:

  • Kickoff meeting (online)
  • Three workshops (hybrid)
  • One symposium (online)
  • 2-3-day hackathon (onsite)
  • Group meetings and feedback sessions (both online and onsite)
  • Online exhibition
  • Presentations at festivals and events


See below for a preliminary schedule of events. 

The events are spread over several months: from late January till June, with presentations of the project’s outcome expected in September. As a participant, we expect you to be actively engaged in these events, which are aimed at bringing to light the most pressing issues we face in digital culture and public policy. We are looking for people who can participate in all events for the duration of the CODE 2024 programme. The programme is in English.


Final works
Group artworks will be conceived over the six-month period from January to June. During this period, there will be workshops and an in person hackathon where you will have the opportunity to discuss and receive feedback from policy makers and established artists. The final works created throughout the events will be exhibited in an online exhibition meant to engage continuous critical discussion beyond the duration of the programme. We will also facilitate presentations of the works at international events and in the public realm to stir debate and foster change, like emerging projects from past years have done as well.

You can have a look at a selection of projects from the previous editions at


Selection and stipend
Participants will be selected mainly based on their motivation. In making the selection, we also aim for a diverse group in terms of expertise and backgrounds. We will select a group of participants from all participating countries. Everyone is welcome to apply, and no prior experience is required. 

Participation is free of charge. There is a small stipend for groups that produce a work for international presentations and for the online exhibition. Travel costs and accommodation to attend the 2-3-day hackathon will be covered.

Who are we looking for?

  • Applications are open to professional and non-professional artists, researchers, policy makers and concerned citizens
  • You must be open to work on projects and concepts that can inspire the general audience and have a relationship with digital rights and digital legislation.
  • We highly encourage people who don’t identify as artists to apply as well, this includes researchers, people with corporate, tech or law background, or working for governmental institutions
  • People with an interest in learning from and collaborating with professional artists to create artistic interventions to influence policy makers
  • Participants should be living in the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany
  • No prior experience is required


Preliminary schedule of events

This schedule is just an indication and subject to change. We are working on finalizing the schedule. Selected candidates will receive an updated schedule.

First half of April 2024: In an online a kickoff meeting people are introduced to the project, we explain the components and organizers, coaches and participants introduce themselves to the group.

First half of April 2024: We will organize the 2-3-day Hackathon (with all participants present). During the hackathon, the coaches, organizers and external specialists provide the participants with information and inspiration. Participants discuss their topics of interests, share what their skills are and indicate what skills they would like to acquire.

Second half of April 2024: Workshop #1: The project groups start to form and participants start developing their ideas for collaborative projects. Coaches, organizers and external specialists provide feedback.

First half of May 2024: The groups present their project proposals. Coaches, organizers and external specialists provide feedback. We look at the knowledge, skills and materials required for implementation. Where necessary, we provide what is missing or discuss adjustments to make the ideas feasible. The groups further refine their concepts.

From mid-May: possible interim presentations that contribute to inspiration and feedback for participants and the further development of a professional network in which the CODE projects can develop and reach an audience.

End of May 2024: Workshop #2 in which the progress of the development of the projects is discussed and groups also provide each other with feedback.

Mid-June 2024: Workshop #3 in which the latest development of the projects is discussed and groups provide each other with feedback again.

End of July – August 2024: Completion of the projects and the realization of a format ready for public presentation.

September – December 2024: Presentations of the works at international events and festivals.

December 2024: launch of the CODE 2024 online exhibition and all associated interviews and event registrations on the CODE web platform.



You can also send us a message to 

To read more about last year’s CODE 2023 Programme, click here

To see the online exhibition, click here:


About the organisers

IMPAKT [Centre for Media Culture]
IMPAKT is a media arts organisation based in Utrecht and founded in 1988. We present critical and creative views on contemporary media culture and arts, in an interdisciplinary context. Our aim is to identify urgent issues in our digital and transglobal culture, by focusing on the relationship between society, media, technology and arts. We examine issues around politics, science and popular culture from different angles. We aim to present creative and innovative approaches and stir debates with critical ideas on common beliefs in society at large as well as towards dominant perceptions in arts and academia.

Privacy Salon
Privacy Salon aims at critically informing the broader public, policy makers and industry in Belgium, Europe and beyond about privacy, data protection and other social and ethical issues that are raised with the introduction of new technologies in society. In addition, it wants to contribute to policy, policy-making and evaluation of privacy and data protection policy by ways of consultancy for policy makers, industry and research institutions, but also to scientific and policy-oriented research on privacy, data protection and social-ethical consequences of new technologies. Finally, it works towards creating a platform.

Werktank is a media arts producer and distributor which operates at the intersection of art, science and technology. Werktank embraces new media, fuses it with artisanal techniques and critically questions the impact of (new) technologies. Werktank offers a professional context and financial support for artists and guides them to the next phase in their artistic practice.



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