Ingres was a successful painter, but he suffered from one enduring source of grief: he wanted to become a famous violinist, but when he wanted to treat his guests to playing the violin, they were only interested in his paintings.

In 19th century Germany, the landscape of Italy was seen as the ideal. The Italians idolised German Romanticism with its melancholy.

Anyone who sees his child grow up is confronted with his own childhood. The child likes to imagine himself in the status of the parent.

The patterns of the desire for the other, the other, change.

During the IMPAKT weekend, objects and paintings will also be exhibited in EKKO. These have been selected in collaboration with the Amsterdam gallery Pieter Berkhout.

By Joep Backhuys, for example, his objects assembled from parts of 2CVs will be on display. The duck with his thoughts of streamlining and speed.

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