26 March 1988
— 27 March 1988

Location: Ekko

During the IMPAKT Muller weekend, objects and paintings will also be exhibited in EKKO. These have been selected in collaboration with the Amsterdam gallery Pieter Berkhout.

Joep Backhuys’ objects assembled from parts of 2CVs will be on display. The duck with its shapes, still spoiled by thoughts of streamlining and speed, gave him the opportunity to make animal-like images.

The Greek artist Dionissis Papasthotos exhibits a number of his paintings in which he experiments with mixed techniques.
A number of cardboard boxes made with mixed techniques will be on display by Pieter Berkhout. Within this work he investigates painting structure and motifs.
Ralph Gygli from Switzerland will furnish part of the building with an installation.
Verden will feature work by Roberto Riviello. He covered large areas with envelopes painted with symbols.
In addition to this work, there will also be photographic work by two Utrecht residents. There will be a number of photos of Leo van Mil, of whom two 8-mm films are also shown.

Jeroen Wandemaker’s work hangs between object and photo. They are attempts to break free from flat photography. Masks of black people, penetrating staring but otherwise expressionless faces turned into three-dimensional escapes from the plane.

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