Film: Programme I De Meester en de Reus

'The Master and the Giant'

The 20th century German films scheduled for viewing ((Ruttmann, Richter, Metzner etc.) will not be shown at IMPAKT, but will rather be screened at Ekko’s cinema in May later this year. Further details will be made available in the May programme booklet.


De Meester en de Reus

Director: Johan van der Keuken
The Netherlands, 1980.

The filmmaker’s central theme in this work (translated as: ‘The Master and the Giant’) is creation through competition. This idea arises forth from folk mythology around the world: what one god creates, another destroys. However, perhaps what is more prominent in the film is the balance between truth and untruth, and the layers that exist between the two. Myth and material reality meet in this experimental film. Fictional scenes (e.g. a man and a woman inhabiting a semi-realistic half-demolished neighbourhood in the 20th century) are intercut with scenes from documentaries (e.g. life along the edge of a desert).




Life and Death

Animation: Joost Roelofsz, Rogier Proper.
The Netherlands, 1979.

In this film the viewer flies backwards through the universe of the drawing artist Prof. Roelofsz. Is it only a few minutes of dreamscapes or is it a never-ending gruelling reality? A film without ending nor beginning, a vicious film where life rolls over into death without notice, and death into life…


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