Film: Programme II Dutch Experimental Film

Panta Rhei

Director: Bert Haanstra.
The Netherlands, 1954.

The Greek philosopher Heraklites proposes that nothing in nature has a fixed form; everything changes, everything moves. This uninterrupted movement is the point of departure of the cineaste, who tries to express this fact with the poetic possibilities of the medium of film.


Van A tot R

Director: Marijn Maris.
The Netherlands, 1983.

“Van A tot Z” (translation: ‘From A to Z’) is a description of Perfection achieved. This film is a journey from A to R, from the reserve to the plains. There is no clear road network and travellers find little guidance in each other.


You know before I know

Director: Christina Koenigs.
The Netherlands, 1984.

A person seeks the right harmony in the creation of a still-life. The process of searching leads him further and further from his goal. Complete disharmony is the eventual resulting creation. That’s how it must be.


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