Film: Programme V Science and Space


Director: Ed Emshwiller
USA, 1966.

The film “Relativity” was created from the images Emshwiller collected over several years without any intention purpose in mind other than the vague notion of discovering ‘the human’.

Space, time and movement overlap incessantly in this film that places man in his creation, not as a superior being, but as part of an interlocking pattern.


Trip to the moon

Director: Scott Bartlett
USA, 1969.

Bartlett gives his vision of the moon landing of 1969 in ‘solarized’ images.

The tension of a successful or unsuccessful return to earth is effectively increased by repetitions of images and sounds. The images become more and more restless, finally ending in an anti-climax to the calm, brown-tinted images of the ocean at sunset.

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