Film: Programme VI Psycho Drama


Director: Frans Zwartjes.
The Netherlands, 1973

Hallucinatory nightmares of a man in a hallway, where he sees a woman and a couple– they appear and disappear. A film with an erotic touch, showing an obsession with doors.


Animation: Zaev Nirnberg
The Netherlands, 1978/79.

A portrait of an isolated man in an unreal environment is sketched by means of cinematic and graphic images. He runs into himself countless times. He stubbornly avoids this frightening confrontation. As in a nightmare, he is pushed to the limits of his strength.



Director: J. Ketelaars..
The Netherlands, 1981,

In a dark catacomb-like room, a man is confronted with images of people and situations from his past. At first he seems to master the images evoked – sometimes even making fun of it– but gradually the images take on a confrontational character and they become more focused. The man loses his power over them. He desperately searches for a way out …

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