Video: Programme V Lymph Product


Lymph Product, Australia, 1985.

16-mm film cut-ups, videotronics & electromechanical mutilations. Stereosound by The Horse He’s Sick.



Videocentrum RKS, The Netherlands, 1984

Collection tape with video collages, music and recordings of performances, installations and actions, also a competition and a commercial break.

Contains: Servaas, News Resonance; Harrie de Kroon, Anonymous Publications; Yvonne Oerlemans, Visions; Christiaan Bastiaans, Holliday Inn Hotel Trail; Raul Marroquin, Airport 1983; Claudio Goulart, Advertisement (Artvertisement); Ian Nichols, Light Drum; Gerard Holthuis, Do you work here; Paul de Mol, The eye on the hand; Babeth, Visions and Sounds; Gamma Gluboline, A Combat Movie; Lydia Schouten, Summary from own work.

Onan Forte

Part of a performance by this Utrecht company, which combines chaotic theater with a cacophony of sounds in their performances.

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