Video: Programme VI Bill Viola, Harrison & Zusman, Crash Art

Chott Bl-Djerid (A portrait in light and heat)

Bill Viola, U.S.A., 1979

Chott El-Djerid is the name of a large dried-up salt lake in Tunisia where air rituals often occur. The intense desert heat bends and distorts the light rays so much that unreal images are created as a result. Because Viola has captured these images with very strong telephoto lenses, the subtle natural phenomena are amplified many times over.

The tape is not so much about aerial practices as about the boundaries of the image. Lack of adequate visual information forces the spectator to review the perception of reality and illusion.


Julie Harrison & Neil Zusman
U.S.A., 1980

In “Boundary”, a colorful collection of motifs is transformed through electronic interventions into an almost abstract vocabulary, with which the compilers attempt to express the complexity of the contemporary world of experience. “Boundary” shows psychedelic experiences or, in Zusman’s words: “a journey through the world of power and innocence and a return of the individual to the boundaries of historical consciousness.

(See picture.)

Surrogaat voor liefde

Presented by Crash Art

Cinematographer, Director: Ludo van der Kraats
Decor, Graphics, Set design: Paul Kleeman
Music: Harry Heyink
Guide between the dead: Dominique Flamion

Surrogate for love shows us in two 15 minutes an attack on the new architecture as a dungeon of man. Mass manipulation by an elite and fear of “death, decay seen from the fourth world and finally, to give it a positive spin, reconstruction of human values.”

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