Submissions I

25 May 1990
14:30 — 15:38

Location: Ekko

The submissions were shown on the second day of the festival. This concerned recent films and videos by artists from home and abroad. In addition to work that has not yet been shown elsewhere in the Netherlands, also highlights of the audiovisual festivals held in the Netherlands in the past year. The submissions are divided into three programs.

EN ATTENDANT LE TRAIN, Jean-René Chapron (Fr.) U-MATIC, 5 min. A memory: mother and child are waiting for a train that doesn’t come.

CARCASSES, JeanRené Chapron (Fr.), UMATIC, 3 min. Exciting drama on a miniature level.

A SHORT FILM BY HELEN BROWNE, CARDIFF 89, Helen Browne (UK), 16mm, 4 min. In this film, Browne tries to remove form elements from nature from their context, so that they are perceived differently.

DIE INTIMEN VORAUSSETZUNGEN DES EKTOPLASMAS, Markus Strieder (BRD), 8mm, 9 min. We have certain prejudices about our place in the space handed down to us by our ape-like ancestors (Sir Arthur Eddington).

BICICLE, Scarlet Scardanelli (BRD), 8mm, 5 min. An atmosphere like a sleepwalk is created by means of manipulated film images. By intervening in the development process of the film, an attempt is made to give film the same “instant-ready” quality as video.

FIRE, Jorg Förster (BRD), VHS, 4 min. This video is based on a 15 meter Super 8 film, shot at the Hotel “Stuttgarter Hof” in Berlin in the summer of 1988. The hotel was squatted during that period by various artists.

KOUROI, H.H.Coala (NL), UMATIC, 9 min. Behind a grid pattern, shadows of people and tigers systematically glide past. In this work, consisting of three parts, human existence is central.

TOTENTANZ 5, ZAUBEREI, Brynntrup (BRD), 16mm, 4 min. See notes.

TOTENTANZ 6, DER HIERONYMUS, Michael Brynntrup (BRD), 16mm, 4 min. See notes.

BETWEEN, Claudia Schillinger (BRD), 16mm, 9 min. About the freedom of desire. Sexuality across gender boundaries. Desire is visualized pornographic, but with integrity.

THE GOOD FRIDAY, Teemu Mäki (Finl.), UMATIC, 9 min. Dedicated to the sadism of Adolf Hitler and the masochism of Jesus Christ.

LE POÈME, Bogdan Borkowski (Fr.), 16mm, 12 min. The film contrasts images from an autopsy section with the passionately carried poem “Le bateau ivre”, thus creating a confusing kind of alienation.


Michael Brynntrup, experimental filmmaker in Berlin has now a large number of films to his name and is slowly but surely starting to become more famous. A remarkable part of Brynntrup’s oeuvre is his cycle of eight “Totentanzen”. Although death is represented throughout Brynntrup’s oeuvre, nowhere is it more evident than in his Totentanzen. In it he systematically brings death among people in the form of the human skull. The Totentanzen were originally all filmed on Super-8 and usually consist of multiple image layers. They are often spontaneous, beautifully filmed and provided with a compelling soundtrack. Parts 3, 5, 6 and 8 of the total cycle were shown.

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