Submissions II

25 May 1990
16:00 — 17:03

Location: Ekko

The submissions were shown on the second day of the festival. This concerned recent films and videos by artists from home and abroad. In addition to work that has not yet been shown elsewhere in the Netherlands, also highlights of the audiovisual festivals held in the Netherlands in the past year. The submissions are divided into three programs.

HEILIGE JOZEF, MOEDER VAN GOD, Erik van Os (NL), VHS, 9 min. In almost abstract images, this video tries to convey a psychopathic state of mind.

VIDEOGEDICHT, Lydia Pees (NL), U-MATIC, 2 min. A poem by J.A.Dush has been designed into a “video poem”. The images are intertwined with typography and sound. This creates a stratification of meaning.

THE EYE, Anna Karin Rynander (Norwegian), U-MATIC, 4 min. This video was made with high-speed recording equipment with a capacity of 2000 frames per second. An eye movement can be seen extremely delayed.

WHITE SCREEN, Volker Schreiner (BRD) U-MATIC, 4 min. Volker Schreiner’s work is about the video image itself. In this film, a white image is physically attacked in a humorous way with a saw, drill and bare hands.

HERMETICA, Susan Derges (UK), U MATIC 7 min. The video version of the installation of the same name. A drop of mercury reacts to sound vibrations by taking on increasingly complex shapes and eventually returns to its original shape when the vibration frequency exceeds its response range.

CALIGHTOSCOPE, Jasdan Joerges (BRD), VHS, 4 min. This video falls under the synaesthesia theme. Joerges has developed an interactive computer system that interprets music and converts it into abstract animation.

SPEED OF LIFE, Cathy Vogan (Fr.), U-MATIC, 8 min. This video is part of the synaesthesia theme. He is inspired by the book “Genesis” from the bible and “The New Electronic Mysticism following the invention of Douglas Trumbull’s Kama Sutra.”

FARVERNES KJILDEVAELD, Flemming Brantbjerg (Den.), U-MATIC, 21 min. This entry falls under the theme of synaesthesia. The continuously jumping, changing play of colors in this video tries to convey the essence of change and creation.

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