24 May 1990

Location: Ekko

Green light Green presence
Green inside Green outside
Green the dry soul of your heart
Green the water of our youth
Green the source near the pine
Green the star above our roof

One by one my tears had swollen the river
that lulls my soul amid the stars

Rose the stone that falls from the sky
Rose the sun that pierces the wood
Rose the fire between the clouds
Rose the door that opens and closes
Rose your lips on my heart

Eternal Rose Rose on the earth Rose on the sky
Slow Rose transparent Rose
My soul my queen my body my love
Open you and sleep deep

The performance “Royaume” (kingdom) is played in a magical circle of sand and fire. The sunlight breaks into a rainbow. In the heart of matter the duality manifests itself, a dialectic of forces from the bosom of the same nature. A dance between two suns, attraction and dormant love in the center of the earth.

Etant Donnés, literally “that which has been given”, is made up of two brothers, Eric and Marc Hutardo, from Grenoble, France. They have derived their group name from the latest unknown (secret: secret?) Work by the Dadaist artist Marcel Duchamp. Etant Donnés is considered one of the foremost representatives of the avant-garde theater movement that combines music, film, visual arts and literature. The brothers have garnered praise and criticism for their poignant, intense performances that have themes such as “the positive meaning of love and cruelty”. Etant Donnés’ performances are rituals of violent aggression and suffering. Their work has been influenced by ancient theater, parades, processions, religious festivals and customs. The theme of the performances can be traced back to alchemical insights. The pursuit of purity, individuality and inner strength is central to this. The Hutardo brothers’ music can best be described as intense sound collages. Their pieces of music are a mixture of natural, human and animal sounds. The group has released one LP and two CDs. Etant Donnés gives the world premiere of “Royaume” during the IMPAKT festival in EKKO. A performance of concentrated power that will not leave any spectator unmoved.

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