Dick Rijken and Ruud Lanfermeijer - 'Reverie'

An installation entitled ‘Reverie’ was on a view in the hall of Utrecht’s Central Station for the duration of the IMPAKT festival.

Travelling by public transport nowadays is a question of being able to get around quickly. At important transport terminals such as Utrecht’s main station, one finds a large number of passengers changing trains or buying tickets, all having to spend several minutes in the station before they can continue their journey. ‘Time’ in such an environment is of a disturbing nature. There is always too little time, forcing us to hurry, or too much which means waiting. Often the wait is too short to read a book but too long to stand around on the platform. You see a lot of stationary people idly dreaming, hovering in a world, somewhere between full consciousness and a dream state where associative and surrealist thoughts drift through the mind.

The ‘Reverie’ installation attempts to tap into this ocean of dreamy thoughts by offering a place where peacefulness can express itself in amongst the busy to-and-fro-ing.

‘Reverie’ has come about as a result of cooperation between the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (Utrecht School of the Arts) and the NS (Dutch Railways) together with IMPAKT. It is also the result of close contacts with, amongst others, the theatre directors Mechtild Prins and Paul Koek (theatre group Hollandia).

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