Cas De Marez

At the IMPAKT-festival Cas de Marez gave a concert in which voice and electronics had a central position. The piece ‘Thrust’ that refers to the power that is released as a rocket launch was the basis for a longer version, specifically designed for the festival in which light was used as a theatrical element.

The Dutch vocal performer Cas de Marez explores all the sounds that her voice can create from pure chant to groaning and whispering and blend this into one sound language. Proceeding from the voice as an abstract instrument and most direct transformer of emotions, she is primarily interested in utilizing all the possibilities of sound and timbre. She confronts and at the same time blends her specific use of the voice with electronic sound sources and modulators.

Besides using pure vocal sounds and electronic manipulation, the relationship between sound and space are often of importance in the work of Cas de Marez. A spatial, physical context elicits a response from her in the same way as a musical context would. It is almost as if there is a sense that transforms sound into a special, tangible experience and that the same sense created within her sound responses. This development in which she confronts her fascination with architecture and the function of spaces with electronically treated vocals in the form of completely or partially composed musical structures culminated in 1990 in ‘Cathedrale de chant’. This is a performance lasting 15 hours for one voice and a 15 track recording – and playing device, which is designed for the Dom cathedral in Utrecht.

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