1997 IMPAKT Festival


Cinematographic Sculptures, the combination of sculpture and film will undoubtedly cause a stir amongst artists and public alike. The fact that film is basically a simple mechanical process means that the character of the works are remarkably different to video installations. The relatively longer history of film also means that there is a larger, quite unique body of reference material. The artists were inspired by precur­sors to cinematography, like sha­dowplay, magic lanterns, zootro­pes and the kinetoscope, and also refer to the works of pioneers Eadweard Muybridge and Etienne Jules Marey.

The exhibition ‘Sissy’s Brain’ is set up around the video installa­tion ‘Fistula’ by Michael Curran and Osnat Haber. ‘Fistula’ has a complicated plot. By disconnec­ting image and spoken text, an account of a violent relationship between two women gradually takes on a schizophrenic atmosp­here. The virtually silent videos of Mascha de Vries and Janine Antoni, which await the visitors a shor t distance away from ‘Fis­tula’, is about the cyclic structure of common fantasies about women. The trio of silent women have a strange effect on the expectations of the audience. The pieces are presented in this way to emphasise each others’ pull. This exhibition was compiled by Camiel van Winkel, freelance art critic. 

The golden inscriptions on anti­que friezes were weighty texts or moral guidelines. The letters han­ging on the wall in the installation ‘in©ut’ are clear blue. The text can (literally) be read in different ways; indications, orders, excla­mations and denials. The compu­ter software continually changes the combinations and meanings of the letters.

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