7 May 1997
Location: Filmtheater t’Hoogt
10 May 1997
Location: Filmtheater t’Hoogt

Who is the Master Who Makes the Grass Green?, Edgar Pera and Largo do Calvario (Portugal, 1996, 7:00, 35 mm)
An excursion into the ideas of Robert Anton Wilson, exploring his notions regarding the reality tunnel.

Evil Pop, Cane Capovolto (Italy, 1996, 16:00, video)
Secret mes­sages, dark rituals and symbo­lism are exposed in the music and videos of Take That, Abba and Elvis.

Manifestoon, Jesse Drew (US, 1996, 8:00, video)
Secret messa­ges undermine the innocence of the cartoon genre.

Heimkehr, Wien 1941/1996, lnstitut fur Evidenzwissenschaft (Austria, 1996, 5:00, 16 mm)
A montage of text and sound is added to a short sequence from an old nazi propaganda film from 1941, in an attempt to expose and dismantle it.

Prost, Sabine Hiebler and Gerhard Ertl (Austria, 1995, 5:00, 16 mm)
Beer and milk, Blut und Boden. The strategy of televi­sion advertising.

Basic Autopsy Procedures , Cane Capovolto (Italy, 1996, 8:50, video)
In search of a third, pseudo-scientific dimension of Plagiarism.

Time Out for Sport, Paul Winkler (Australia, 1995-96, 18:00, 16 mm)
Winkler plays a fascinating but frustrating game with his audience.

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