7 May 1997
Location: Filmtheater ‘t Hoogt
9 May 1997
Location: Filmtheater ‘t Hoogt

Rotation Dance, Christian Hos­sner (Germany, 1996, 2:00, 16 mm)
A dance between an object and a rotating camera.

Pinhole Movie, Christian Hos­sner (Germany, 1995 , 9:30, 16 mm)
Three experimental films made with a special camera.

Schichtwechsel, Christian Hos­sner (Germany, 1997, 8:40, 16 mm)
Living celluloid. Moving images on a sheet of glass.

Rundum Film, Christoph Keller (Germany, 1995, 5:00, video)
A loop of slides. Cars frozen in time and space by the camera.

As Seen on Television, Denise Ziegler (Finland, 1996, 3:00, video)
Switching the roles of the senses we customarily use in wat­ching TV, Ziegler constructs a unique experience.

Film ist mehr als Film, Gustav Deutsch (Austria, 1996, 1:00, 35 mm)
Referential quotes answer the question: ‘What is film?’

Autofocus, Marie-Laure Cazin (The Netherlands, 1996, 3:00, video)
Lost in an extreme close-up of an eye.

The Rumour of True Things, Paul Bush (UK, 1996, 25:00, 16 mm)
Images from science and technology which we seldom see.

Static, Inger Lise Hansen (UK, 1995, 4:30, video)
Wind erodes the landscape and blows objects about.

Puppy-go-round, Leighton Pierce (US, 1996, 3:00, video)
Pierce creates another unique sensorial field of perception by blending colourful imagery and structural details.

9 1/2 Finger, Axel Gaube, Ilona Goldschmidt, Rainer Servos, Valeria Valenzuela (Germany, 1995, 4:30, video)
What sort of sound does thread passing through the eye of a needle make? Or a nail being varnished ?

Laws of Nature, Tony Hill (UK, 1996, 25:00, 35 mm)
‘Laws of Nature’ is an experimental film that takes a fresh look at lands­cape by using the medium to explore it’s space and time in ways different from our normal ‘eye view’.

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