9 May 1997
Location: Filmtheater t’Hoogt
11 May 1997
Location: Filmtheater t’Hoogt

Exit, Patrick Paauwe (The Netherlands, 1996, 6:30, video)
A modern Christ exchanges his cross for the dance floor.

A Spy (Hester Reeve does The Doors), Susie Silver (US, 1992, 4:20, video)
Jesus does a play­back to the words and music of The Doors against a colourful decor of video animation.

Rotten Sun, Graham Mark (UK, 1994, 7:00, video)
Incomprehen­sible religious ceremonies in the Philippines.

Copper Jack II, Gertjan van Mook (The Netherlands, 1996, 1:00, video)
The last words of a murderer on the way to the scaf­fold.

Spot Check, Sabine Hiebler and Gerhard Ertl (France, 1994, 5:00, 16 mm)
Gender, soap and an ice lolly. An attractive yet dis­turbing view of the world compiled from advertising images.

The Story of Wash and Go, George Barber (Germany, 1995, 2:30, video)
Vidal Sassoon’s chauffeur is in a bad mood because of a stomach complaint .

Musik Forever, Olga Tobreluts (Russia, 1996, 1:00, video)
A monstrous catastrophe unfolds behind the back of a wistful lute player.

Communicate, Neil Fullerton (UK, 1996, 2:40, video)
“Don’t mistake legibility for Communica­tion.”

The Itch, Alan Smith (UK, 1996, 5:00, 16 mm)
A visual parade of objects of greed and desire.

The Four Last Movements of Verity lies, Stuart Gazzard (UK, 1996, 11:00, 16 mm)
Four ridicu­lously detailed accounts of the four last sightings of Verity lies.

Film about People, Stuart Gazzard (UK, 1995, 6:30, 16 mm)
Gazzard turns the filmic reality inside-out in a continuous play between script and film by taking normal people and superimpo­sing interpretations or hilarious descriptions.

West Side the Trailer, Frank Bruinsma (The Netherlands, 1996, 3:50, 16 mm)
A trailer based on excerpts from the obscure American medical drama series ‘Westside Medical’.

Der nur experimentell narrative Deutsche Film, Frank-Peter Lenze (Germany, 1996, 3:00, 35 mm)
An unemployed politician displays an aptitude for experimental film making.

The Movie or the Duck, Jackie Farkas (Australia, 1993, 9:00, 16 mm)
A man tries to sneak his pet duck into the cinema by hiding it under his pants.

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