8 May 1997
Location: Filmtheater t’Hoogt
10 May 1997
Location: Filmtheater t’Hoogt

Kiihle Fluten, Constanze West­hoven (Germany, 1996, 7:40, video)
A man and a woman meet. not in reality, but via modern com­munications systems.

Blue Movie, Mark Street (US, 1994, 5:00, 16 mm)
Handpainted images from old pornographic movies.

My Body is my Castle, Con­stanze Westhoven (Germany, 1996, 6:30, video)
A fascination for heroes from monumental films.

Skintone, Gregory Godhard (Australia, 1996, 10:00, 16 mm)
What would colours feel like if we could touch them?

Free Willy Three, Matt Hulse (UK, 1996, 2:00, video)
A young man in a swimming pool recalls a sentimental childrens’ film.

A Breath Hush, Bea de Visser (The Netherlands, 1996, 7:20, video)
Breath is made visible in a place where it is impossible to breath – underwater.

Fragment, Sybille Roter (Switzer­land, 1996, 5:30)
Images of faces dissolve beneath the sur­face of a cloudy liquid.

Rub Through, Andrea Ehrat (Switzerland, 1995, 3:00)
A body smeared against a sheet of glass, in detail and indistinct.

Backspace – Videodance out of the family album, Anita Kaya (Austria, 1996-97, 5:00, video)
A dance of adult and child develops in the space between two snaps­hots from a family album, in which a score of childhood memories are re-enacted.

Busby, Anna Heckel-Donner­smarck (Germany, 1996-97, 3:10, video)
Referring to Busby Berkeley’s dance choreographies of the 1930’s, this video uses the computer to create imagery strongly resembling the waterbal­lets of Esther Williams.

Body Hit, Kees Brienen (The Netherlands, 1996, 4:30, 16 mm)
A film about a gun, a man and many victims.

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