9 May 1997
Location: Filmtheater t’Hoogt
11 May 1997
Location: Filmtheater t’Hoogt

Tuning the Sleeping Machine, David Sherman (US, 1996, 10:00, 16 mm)
A suggestion of a psycho-physical cinema, an emul­sive journey of hypnotic illusion.

Dreams, Gerald Mair (UK, 1996, 3:40, video)
The subconscious as a ambiguous reality.

Ellipsis, Lana Bernberg (US, 1996, 9:00, 16 mm)
The break­down and transformation of an individual. The confusing distinc­tions between degeneration and exultation.

Danse de vent, Tanja and Roderik Henderson (The Nether­lands, 1995, 1:30, 16 mm)
Big sister makes her younger sister dance by blowing gusts of breath­wind at her.

Seeds, Kristian Kozul (Croatia, 1996, 7:50, video)
A dream with a religious flavour about the start of life.

L’heure rougante, Tanja and Roderik Henderson (The Nether­lands, 1995, 1:30, 16 mm)
Two slapping sisters …

The Snowman, Phil Solomon (US, 1995, 8:30, 16 mm)
One must have a mind of winter. To regard the frost and the boughs Of the pinetrees crusted with snow; … (Wallace Stevens)

Elle chante comme une allouette, Tanja and Roderik Henderson (The Netherlands, 1995, 1:30, 16 mm)
A woman hums to herself while she jumps from rock to rock at a diz­zying height.

Don’t Move, Marc Geerards (The Netherlands, 1997, 7:00, 16 mm)
A tape recorder is witness to the last monologue of a dying man.

Story of I, Jo Ann Kaplan (UK, 1997, 23:00, video)
A woman in a bath experiences a surreal erotic adventure whilst reading the ‘Story OfThe Eye’ by George Bataille.

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