Microtonale Muziek

17 May 1998
Location: Theater Kikker

Harry Partch

Harry Partch (1901-1974) can be considered one of the most idiosyncratic and visionary composers of this century. To (re) discover the primitive, evocative and magical powers of music, he designed a completely new microtonal tone system, on which non-Western music had a major influence. Partch created a microtonal language with 43 tones in the octave and designed and built all the instruments for his ensemble. Language also took a special place in his theatrical, mainly percussive music. This program provides an overview of the work of Harry Partch. Video fragments of performances of his work, documentaries about his instruments, slides, an exhibition of scores, books and music are part of this program. Partch fanatic Philip Blackburn gives a lecture. Old, rarely performed works such as ‘Li Po 1-4’, ‘Barstow’ and ‘Bitter Music’ are performed by Didier Aschour (adapted guitar) and Vincent Bouchot (vocals).

Marco Blaauw

Karlheinz Stockhausen mainly used microtonal sounds to introduce new timbres into his music. Not only is he an inventor of new sounds, he also moved familiar sounds into an unusual context. He created spiritual music: music with a spiritual, intuitive or even cosmic streak.
For Impakt, trumpet player Marco Blaauw performs microtonal work by Stockhausen, Scelsi, Vierk and himself. Marco Blaauw is a member of the Ensemble Musikfabriek and as a soloist he regularly collaborates with composers such as Kurtag, Kagel and Stockhausen. At the concert he gives, pieces for trumpet and band for a multiple sound system are played.

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