Part of Accidents

Actions in Action


(US, 1997, video, 10:30)

The HalfLifers, Anthony Discenza and torsten Z. Burns fearlessly follow their calling to liberate the ‘I’ from the constant threat of disintegration, and develop new scenarios for a more healthy evolution. They pool their material, which is selected from a variety of sources like science fiction, Reality TV, drama-therapy, the local supermarket and the iron-mongers. ‘Actions in Action’ is a part of the Rescue Series, which is a steadily expanding collection of videos in which the HalfLifers continually criss-cross the line between crisis and recuperation. In this video they temporarily improve things, not by the laying-on of hands, but with ‘memory slabs’ that have more resemblance to flaky pastry, than anything else In this case, consumerism is a ritual which can save us from our modern displacement.


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