Between Heaven And Earth


13 May 1998
Location: Filmtheater ‘t Hoogt
17 May 1998
Location: Filmtheater ‘t Hoogt

An extensive arsenal of techniques, from simple photographic procedures to digital manipulation of images, creates a parallel reality where nightmares, visions, hypnosis and rapture alternate with each other. Remind yourself regularly that this is not reality itself.

Boy Runs to Window, Mark O’Connell (USA, 1997, video, 3:00)
Withdrawal, George Barber (GB, 1996, video, 5:00)
Je Voulais Parler, Claudette Lemay (Canada, 1997, video, 8:30)
The Eye of the Beholder, Koen Timmermans (The Netherlands, 1997, video, 1:00)
Way Station, HalfLifers (USA, 1996, video, 6:30
Transmission, Kevin & Jennifer McCoy (USA, 1997, video, 7:30)
Cirkus, Herman Weeb (Canada, 1996, video, 4:43)
Suspension, Anthony Discenza (USA, 1997, video, 8:00)
American International Pictures, Vivian Ostrovsky (France, 1997, 16 mm, 5:00)
L’Astromer, Rodolphe Astier (France, 1996, 16 mm, 5:00)
SI ES TA, la Tetera y la Rosa, AXE groep/Natalia Alonso Casale (The Netherlands, 1997, 16 mm, 10:00)
Ceci nest pas, Jeanne Liotta (USA, 1997, 16 mm, 10:00)

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