Part of Between Heaven And Earth

SI ES TA, la Tetera y la Rosa

AXE groep/Natalia Alonso Casale

(The Netherlands, 1997, 16 mm, 10:00)

The viewer is confronted with a series of images which do have something in common but which never manage to coalesce into a recognisable whole. SI ES TA is a film which creates the desire to construct order out of the chaos. But what if this chaos was intentionally created in the first place? What if the idea was to dislocate the image from reality? Or perhaps it is a demonstration that preconceived ideas of reality do not exist. Any attempts at imposing order are hopeless – the only thing to do is appreciate the beautiful images in SI ES TA; a woman with a white-powdered face, a man with a burning hat – this is a journey through a surrealist landscape.


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