Part of Between Heaven And Earth


Anthony Discenza

(USA, 1997, video, 8:00)

A full-frontal shot of a face fills the screen. It is constructed from four horizontal strips of film which are cut from portraits of different people. The composition changes continuously, and the penetrating stare from each pair of eyes, which all have something akin to identikit pictures, could easily produce some quite disturbing reactions in the viewers. Somehow though, the perfectly beautiful faces of both black and white people manage to imbue ‘Suspension’ with a peaceful and heartwarming atmosphere. In some ways it is reminiscent of Benetton advertising imagery. The image gradually succumbs to interference: it starts moving erratically, the colours glow and tv-snow atarts to appear. The music of Eno-adept Jason Kleidosty enhances and emphasises the hypnotic effect of this video.


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